US version of ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ available for pre-order

‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ will be released in the US 15th September 2009 but you can pre-order your copy now and get an added bonus.

By pre-ordering now, you will receive a digital copy of the album immediately as well as a download code for 10 bonus remixes, to be delivered on September 15th.  The album is available in 180 gram vinyl, CD, and digital formats and the CD version also includes a hidden bonus track; “Bag Lady.” Any format you buy will qualify for the digital downloads and remixes. Here is where you can make your pre-order.

Why not help spread the word by adding the below widget to your myspace/facebook pages or even email to your friends?  The widget includes a flip book from the journal and a 4 minute EPK. You can get this amazing widget from here.