Rough Trade East gig

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it down to Rough Trade East last night, it was a brilliant night with a screening of ‘Culture, Alienation, Boredom & Despair’ (the brand new documentary on the making of Generation Terrorists available on the 2CD/DVD edition and an incredible acoustic session from James.


Here is the full set list:
1) Methadone Pretty
2) Little Baby Nothing
3) Motorcycle Emptiness
4) Damn Dog
5) Spectators Of Suicide
6) Love’s Sweet Exile
7) Motown Junk
8) Condemned To Rock N’ Roll
9) You Love Us


James took the chance on playing ‘Condemned to Rock N’ Roll’ although he admitted to not remembering the lyrics. So for those that missed it or want to recap someone has uploaded this and with a big thanks to the person who filmed it and a big thanks to the lady that knew all the words, checkout what James pronounced as the first time the song was played in full in UK here.