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Patrick Jones’ National Theatre Wales plays features song by Nicky and James

A new song penned by Nicky and James is featured in National Theatre Wales’ new production ‘Before I Leave’.

The new play, written by Nicky’s brother Patrick Jones and to be performed at Cardiff’s Sherman Theatre between 27th May and 1st June, is inspired by Patrick’s work with members of the Cwm Taf choir, supported by the Alzheimer’s Society.

The play is both a celebration of the restorative, co-operative joys the choir has on its members, and a call to arms for a renewed sense of collective responsibility.

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“This play is a testament to the healing power of song. All of us can remember a song that meant so much to us at a certain point in life. First love, lost love, the best summer or the loneliest winter. We mark out our lives with music. In the fog and confusion of dementia, hearing a particular song can ignite a forgotten flame that, for a moment, lights the way towards a peaceful safe place where smiles are reborn.

“I have worked with and visited many choirs during the period of writing Before I Leave and never failed to shed a tear, see my own life reflected, burst into laughter or share a common humanity with its members. The other day, I asked members of the Wrexham choir what singing meant to them. One lady who had been silent throughout said, ‘Singing brings us to life’.”
– Patrick Jones