New single details and album tracklisting

‘(IT’S NOT WAR) – JUST THE END OF LOVE’ is the new single from MANIC STREET PREACHERS released on 13th September 2010,  taken from their 10th studio album ‘Postcards From A Young Man’ released a week later.

The band have also confirmed the track listing for the new record, which features guest vocals from Ian McCulloch on one track (‘Some Kind of Nothingness), John Cale on piano (‘Auto-Intoxication’)  and Duff McKagen playing bass (‘A Billion Balconies Facing The Sun’).   Nicky Wire sings lead vocals on ‘The Future Has Been Here 4 Ever’ alongside Sean Moore on the trumpet. 

Postcards From a Young Man – album tracklisting

(It’s Not War) – Just The End of Love

Postcards From A Young Man

Some Kind of Nothingness (feat. Ian McCulloch) 

The Descent – (Pages 1 & 2)  

Hazleton Avenue


Golden Platitudes

I Think I’ve Found It

A Billion Balconies Facing The Sun

All We Make Is Entertainment

The Future Has Been Here 4 Ever

Don’t Be Evil

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