New Single to be released on February 28th 2011

Manic Street Preachers announce details of a new single to be released on February 28th 2011. 


‘Postcards From A Young Man’ is the title track from the band’s tenth studio album which was released last year to huge critical acclaim. 


The track will be released on 2 x CD and 7” all featuring brand new tracks including Midnight Sun, a ten year old “lost”  track.


CD1:   Postcards From A Young Man / Inky Fingers / Engage With Your Shadow / Kiss My Eyes For Eternity
CD2:   Postcards From A Young Man / Midnight Sun 
7″:    Postcards From A Young Man / The Passing Show
In addition there will be a digital EP available featuring live tracks from ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’.  


Live EP: Postcards From a Young Man/ This Joke Sport Severed/ Peeled Apples / Marlon J.D   

“People send postcards and they all hope I’m feeling well. 
I retreat into self pity, It’s so easy when they patronise my misery.” (La Tristess Durera)