Gold Against The Soul Reviews

The reviews are in for Manic Street Preachers ‘Gold Against The Soul’ Deluxe Reissue. Here are some highlights.

“It’s both surprising and fascinating to be given permission to peek behind the curtain of a contentious period in the band’s history, and one of the many reasons that this much hankered-after reissue was well worth the wait.” – 4/5 Record Collector 

“That ‘Sleepflower’, ‘From Despair To Where’, ‘Life Becoming A Landslide’ and ‘Roses In The Hospital’ have become canonical rock epics is testament to Gold Against The Soul’s prescient splendour.” – 4/5 Mojo Magazine 

“The real selling point here is a beautiful book of Mitch Ikeda photographs which captures the quartet at their most care-free while gleefully generating confusion among fans and critics alike” – 4/5 Planet Rock

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